Our Builders


Anchor Custom Homes


With Anchor, you won’t get lost in the shuffle. Owners John and Annell walk you through every step of the process and are here to answer your questions. We know that with some of the larger homebuilders, there’s a good chance you’ll never meet the main decision-maker, and you may find yourself having to juggle multiple names and phone numbers to get your questions answered.

That’s why we work with Anchor Custom Homes. John and Annell Bailey are your touch point for all aspects of the project. They get to know you personally and are there to walk with you each step of the way—from financing to construction to closing.

Like us, they value clear and up-front communication with their clients. They spell out each step of the process at the beginning so you’ll always know what’s coming next, and they are always available for your questions.


Cobblestone Homes




Cobblestone Homes is a Custom Home builder in Greenville, South Carolina, and the surrounding area. Cobblestone embodies the pursuit of Tomas and Mindy Nyblom to make houses that feel like a home. Their passion for home began when they began their life together in 1987. They have been providing Greenville, South Carolina, and the upstate with custom homes on and off since 1994, and as Cobblestone Homes since 2012.

Tomas and Mindy believe that everyone deserves a home tailored to their lifestyle and budget. They strive to work with each customer to make the home of their dreams a reality. The home-building process is a full circle, from conception to decorating with a focus on all the little details along the way. With the importance of attention to detail in a custom home, the customer is very involved in the process. Tomas and Mindy believe in building lasting relationships with the customer, alongside the process of constructing their dream home.